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Our print design team will provide your business with advertising layouts, brochures, labels, signs, letterhead, business cards, and booklets. We also create new logo design. We work beside our web design team; therefore we insure a consistent company presence for you from the web right through all your print needs. Because we offer both services you save time and aggravation. We are your one stop design company.

We use the most up-to-date print software including, PageMaker, Quark Express, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. We will gladly quote your print requests; just fill out the online form.
Print design is unlike web design and holds its own distinctive appeal.

Malak Designs is a full service graphic design firm provide complete package of graphic and print design services.

Malak Design’s team of artists and graphic designers recognize the unique opportunities that print design offers, and they use it to give you the best brochures, flyers, print ads, direct mailers, catalogue design, book cover and posters. Creativity is the buzzword with our design team and our graphic designers excel in it. The Malak Design team works on the latest available software in print design. They provide you with varied design and layout options for your manual, report or brochure and help you choose which one best suits your message and your company.

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