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Well Designed Labels

Labels are essential to a company especially if you’re constantly shipping to items to clients. The label on a shipment says a lot about a company. Using a customized label to mail out products gives you a polished appearance and makes the shipping process more simplified. All you have to do is apply the name of your business and your logo on the part that includes the return address and designate a place where your printer can apply the address for the destination. Ordering customized labels for mailing is hassle free when you use Malak Designs. Our qualified graphic designers can supply you with four different label designs for you to choose from.

Our Standard Mailing Labels

A standard label for mailing requires a stock of great value, with trendy borders and a plethora of label templates. We also can provide you with standard mailing labels at a competitive rate due to the typical dimensions of mailing label templates.

Quality Laser Sheet Mailing Labels

Laser sheet mailing labels are specially created for personal use of your printer to print custom labels so that label printing becomes a time-saver. You can even customize printing labels with images and logos of your company and print from your own printer, or you can use one of our many label template options, unlike most basic label designs.

Premier Mailing Labels

Premier mailing labels include an outline to your template that you will use to create your company label and it is stamped by foil, giving it unsurpassed charm and class compared to other mailing label companies.

Jumbo Mailing Labels

Jumbo mailing labels come in a variety of sizes starting at with 4" x 5" and are great for large parcels or displaying company logos prominently.


Full-Color Sticker Printing

Our Full Color Stickers provide an eye-catching, colorful representation of your business, and in today’s diverse marketplace, first impressions are essential. Our professionally designed full color stickers are a unique way of promoting your business. If you’re looking for an attention-grabbing marketing tool, full color stickers are considered a smart choice.

Our dynamic full color stickers have vivid hues that pop out of your marketing materials and literally bring customers to you. With a full color sticker, you can advertise your business with the same enthusiasm and quality you dedicate to your products and services. Let our custom full color sticker printing bring you the attention your business deserves!

When people see an attractive, customized full color sticker, they are automatically drawn to find out more about a business or product advertised on the sticker. The visual appeal of a well designed sticker makes one feel excited about the product or service the business provides.

Use our dynamic full color stickers to increase your company's reputation and attract new clients! It's impossible to measure the full impact of utilizing our attractive, professional full color Stickers to promote your business.

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