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HMTL websites are also called static websites or informative websites. Such websites merely contains the information about the respective company.

Malak Designs is a professional, affordable website design company. We offer web services to every type of business nationwide. We are a web design firm specializing in flash web design, ecommerce website design and HTML website designs that are search engine friendly. We work with your company to define objectives and develop graphic design objectives for their websites and interactive tools to achieve them including bilingual website design to reach a broader customer base for your business.

We are specialized in HTML website Designing. The sole aim of Malak Designs is to satisfy the customers by providing the flawless and high-quality HTML web designing solutions and ensuring timely delivery.

If you're looking for an HTML website or a website that showcases your business, our website design services & website development services give you control over your site with no technical skills needed.

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