Flash Ads

Flash Adds is a custom made banner building service. We can build you a banner ad in Flash format to suit your advertising campaign. Flash Adds can build you custom made banner rotation software for your website. Whether you want to rotate banners for your own products or want to host other people’s banners for a fee, Flash Adds has the solution for you.

Flash Ads go a long way in popularizing the products and services of a company. Your customers get glued to these ads and intro because they play an eminent role in underlying the best attributes of your services and shadowing the ones that are not attractive.

Experts of Malak designs can create not only simple but also complex flash animation, which is created with wide range of font and numerous text line that appear in single animation. With our services you can the make your images freeze for the duration you want to, add movie and even make the text appear and disappear.

So welcome your clients to tour the movie packed introduction to your company.

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