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Developing an email marketing campaign is a great tool for retention building. Email marketing helps to keep your customers and potential customers informed about your company’s products or services. Malak Designs can assist you in building a customized bulk email marketing campaign with our easy to use online html email marketing tool.

Email Marketing is an effective and affordable way of generating new business leads. You can also stay in touch with your existing client base to guide customer retention and for up-selling opportunities. Email marketing offers substantial savings compared to traditional print methods of marketing. With email marketing you can organize your email list, personalize your email and build conditional emails through our powerful sending platform.

Best of all, you can monitor deliverability, opens, clicks and even set actions based on recipient clicks within the email. Utilize this information to improve email marketing campaign effectiveness in future email sends. Immediate delivery - turn round marketing campaigns quickly, schedule send times and be confident in a rapid delivery through our high capacity servers

With an email marketing campaign, you can drive targeted website traffic, deep link directly to a relevant website page with further information, and engage your target audience with your website or blog.

Malak Designs is here to assist you with the entire email process, from concept to statistics. Our email marketing specialists will create effective email marketing campaigns to drive targeted traffic to your website. We can also help to build your mailing list and our state-of-the-art tracking system to help track the success from every email marketing campaign.

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