Branding and Identity

Corporate identity is an important aspect of a corporation. A corporate identity design is the gateway to success and its professional significance cannot be ignored in branding. Corporate branding is more than just a corporate logo design. Think about it, your customers are constantly inundated with advertising messages …what do you want your customer to remember about your company?

That message and its consistency of branding and how it is expressed, speaks volumes about your company to the consumer. Consistency is essential. Branding develops over time, and includes everything from how a company relates with its customers, to their brochure design - even to what's painted on their delivery truck and whether it's clean and well maintained.

With increasing competition it is important to have a good corporate image in order to create the right perceptions in the target market. The right corporate image must merge well with your company's history, values and philosophy as well as its capabilities.

Malak Designs offers dynamic corporate identity design services which go a long way in improving the visibility of your company. Our team of creative corporate identity experts and graphic artists are there to guide you every step of the way in creating unique corporate identity designs.

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